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The Amazing Ibanez IMG2010 MIDI Guitar Controller.
Registry Of Owners

First I’d like to give credit where credit is due. If you’ve done any web searches for this guitar, you’ve undoubtedly come across the name Wayne Joness. Mr. Joness is known world wide as the authority on MIDI guitar controllers of all types. Some of the information below has been “liberated” from Mr. Joness site. This site however, is for Ibanez IMG2010 owners who want to register their guitar. We’re told that there were only 500 of these made. With this information maybe we can get a count on how many of these guitars still survive.   For technical information on the guitar, please visit  Mr. Joness site. It’s a great read.

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Roland has always been the King of guitar synthesizer controllers, going back to 1977 when they released the GR500. The Roland GR500 was not only the first true guitar synthesizer controller, it was also the first to use the 24 pin interface connector. The GR500 didn’t always track the best, but it paved the way for the guitar you see here.

When the designers at the Ibanez/Greco guitar factory wanted to build a MIDI guitar, they looked at the Roland specification and the current Roland controller line-up. Taking the best features and improving the worst, they came up with the X-ing IMG2010 Controller.

I came upon this amazing instrument by accident. I already had a 1975 Gibson with a Roland GK1 pickup and the GM70 signal converter. This guitar has always tracked well and been a great source of pleasure for me.

One day I decided to do a search for MIDI guitars. Several interesting models came up. But the IMG2010 was the one that really caught my eye. Stylish, of course. But when I started reading about the guitar and how it was built, I had to have one. Over time, I was fortunate enough to be able to find all of the original components that make up this amazing MIDI guitar “system”.

Not only did this guitar conform to the controller standards of the time (The 24 pin cable), it included features listed in the Roland Guitar spec, but never implemented in any Roland guitar (Virtual wammy bar). The Ibanez IMG2010 was not only the most technologically advanced Guitar controllers at the time (1985/86), but it still is today. It doesn’t just look cool and sound cool, but it makes me feel cool when I play it.

The Ibanez IMG2010 MIDI Guitar Controller Registry.
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Since I could never add anything here to equal the content of Mr. Joness site, I wanted to do something different. It seems they only made 500 of these. So my question  is... “Where are they?”.  This site is intended to be a listing of the surviving Ibanez IIMG2010’s and their MC-1 MIDI Controllers.  So if you have one of these outstanding instruments and would like to join our registry...  CLICK HERE








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