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Make A Better World
Instead of improving the world by complaining about the other guy, I thought we might try to improve the world by starting with ourselves. It's always easy to see what's wrong with others, but dwelling on their faults will rarely improve our own situation.

9 Ways To Make A Better World

Self Improvement

There are a number of things we can do to improve how others see us. Most are very simple and in doing them, we can end up feeling better ourselves.

  • Smile at people. When someone smiles at you, it's almost impossible no to smile back. And It Feels Good To Smile!
  • Look People in the Eye. It's hard sometimes, especially if your the shy type. But people will think better of you, if you look at them directly (while your smiling).
  • Say Hello. A pleasant greeting will usually get one back. Be friendly to others and they will (generally) be friendly to you.
  • Have a something kind to say. There's always something good to say, so say it to someone. "My your hair looks good today", "That sure is a nice tie your wearing", "What a lovely picture of your family".
  • Be sincere. When your saying something nice, Mean It! If it's not true people will know. Be honest, but be kind and be sincere.
  • Listen to others. People like themselves better than they like you, so let them talk about their favorite subject. You'll be amazed what a good conversationalist you'll become when you just start to listen.
  • Have an opinion, but remember it's your. Others don't have to think the same way you do. Everyone can think the way they want and believe what they think is true. You can never "force" someone to have your beliefs.
  • Never argue. You can never win an argument, especially if it's about your opinion. Remember the fastest way to end an argument is to say "your right".
  • Try to think like the other person. Most people believe or think a certain way because of the way they've grown up, or because of their current situation. Think about who they are and try to understand things from their perspective.

For more information on how to apply these principles, I would like to suggest my favorite book. How To Win Friends & Influence People, By Dale Carnegie. A great book by a great man who knew how to get along with other people. Worth Reading Often!

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Let's Make The World A Better Place For Everyone.

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